Under the Electric Stars
A cyberpunk adventure in one of the last cities standing after a nuclear war. Written for Aster Podcasting Network by Eli Ramos.
2 years ago

S1E3 - Episode 3: Junkers

The Kvadrata is proving itself to be a ruthless place—and Caine and Vic are proving themselves to be tense and frustrated team. Meanwhile, a cloaked figure follows our Zero Zero operatives and a pair of junkers. Featuring misplaced priorities, a man who deserves a medal, and some very loud beeping.

Trigger warnings: Yelling, loud noises, brief misgendering.

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Attributions for sound effects. “Snapping Chain” by Cosmic Embers (www.youtube.com/cosmicembers) "PANElFySFXScanning4.wav" and "Electricity 2" by Pure Audio Ninja "Generator #1.wav" by Adam Wayne Gistarb