Under the Electric Stars
A cyberpunk adventure in one of the last cities standing after a nuclear war. After their bot gets broken, Caine runs into the rebel group Zero Zero and gets caught up in the rising revolution.
3 years ago

S1E3 - Episode 3: Junkers

The Kvadrata is proving itself to be a ruthless place—and Caine and Vic are proving themselves to be tense and frustrated team. Meanwhile, a cloaked figure follows our Zero Zero operatives and a pair of junkers. Featuring misplaced priorities, a man who deserves a medal, and some very loud beeping.

Trigger warnings: Yelling, loud noises, brief misgendering.

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Team Rhea Anne as Caine Reyes Kevin Paculan as Vic Vass Robin Guzman as Jet Rey Ángel as The Mysterious Figure

Additional voices were provided by Eli Ramos, Inger Junger, Angel Hom, Jason Junker, and Martin Savill.

Thanks to Lucas Galante, Ezra Buck, Christine, and Jordan Davis, our patrons for Aster Podcasting Network (patreon.com/mxeliramos).

Attributions for sound effects “Snapping Chain” by Cosmic Embers (www.youtube.com/cosmicembers) "PAN_ElFy_SFX_Scanning_4.wav" and "Electricity 2" by Pure Audio Ninja "Generator #1.wav" by Adam Wayne Gistarb