Under the Electric Stars
A cyberpunk adventure in one of the last cities standing after a nuclear war. Written for Aster Podcasting Network by Eli Ramos.

S1E13 - Episode 13: Answers

Caine thought they had lost their family. They accepted it, even though their questions about what exactly happened still lingered. Now the answers they get are far from what they expected. Caine needs to choose: the family they lost or the family that they’ve found in Zero Zero?

Trigger warnings: Police presence, police violence, discussions of abandonment, talk of suicide, explosions, weapons (knives and blasters), fighting, gaslighting, abuse, yelling, electrocution, and character death.

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Team Rhea Anne as Caine Reyes Robin Guzman as Jettison Christine Kim as Su-jin Yi Kevin Paculan as Vic Vass and Benjie Reyes Chaitrika Budamagunta as Lola Sunn Rey Ángel as Indra Rey Vargas as Maricel Reyes John Patneaude as Sebastian Reyes Dominique Valencia as Valeria Reyes David McGuff as Dax Pastore Stephanie Arata as Haven

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Thanks to Christine, Ezra Lee Buck, Ferris, Fran Carr, Lucas Galante, Mildred Ramos, Chris Magilton, Yvnas, and Audrey Pham, our patrons for Under the Electric Stars. (patreon.com/mxeliramos)

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