Under the Electric Stars
A cyberpunk adventure in one of the last cities standing after a nuclear war. After their bot gets broken, Caine runs into the rebel group Zero Zero and gets caught up in the rising revolution.
1 year ago

S2E2 - Episode 2: Turning Point

The journey's been unbearably long (for a number of reasons), but Zero Zero pushes ever onwards towards their goal. The night glitters dangerously and not just with lights--dangers still await them as they draw closer to their destination, for the road is not as empty as it seems. Featuring the greatest band that never was, skeptics of blurry pics, and a reappearance that might change everything. Trigger warnings: Loud sounds, fire, cars and truck honking.

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Team Rhea Anne as Caine Reyes Rey Ángel Yoáli Olachea Martinez as Indra Kevin Paculan as Vic Vass Christine Kim as Su-jin Yi Robin Guzman as Jet Chaitrika Budamagunta as Lola Sunn Rue Dickey as Ganymede Moreno Philomena Sherwood as Tari de Whitte Katriel Rose as Nell Palomo Setaareh Nikbin as Niusha Serena El-Hajali as Ava Jafari Matheus Nogueira as Kaleo Hale John Patneaude as Sebastian Reyes.

Thanks to Lucas, Ferris, Fran Carr, Ezra Lee Buck, Mildred Ramos, Chris Magilton, Audrey Pham, Joshua Hazeghazam, Cole Gordon, Seth Timple, Calliope Monroe, Aidan Bainso, Inigo Sherwani, Heather Granger, Psy13, and Kyla Worrell, our patrons for Under the Electric Stars. (patreon.com/mxeliramos)

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